What’s In Your Fertilizer And How Does It Help Your Lawn

Everybody knows lawns need fertilizing to thrive and ward off weeds. Were you ever curious what fertilization actually means? Today, we’ll discuss what lawn service technicians do to keep your lawn green and weed-free! fertilizing lawn


Fertilizing companies may use different products or ratios of “macronutrients,” but the elements are the same for the most part. These elements are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Each of them helps your grass perform vital functions.

Nitrogen fertilizer helps with rapid growth, which is ideal for adding to lawns in spring and kickstart the growing season. It also helps with leaf development, chlorophyll formation, and photosynthesis. Nitrogen in fertilizer comes in two different forms: slow-release and quick-release. Each of them has pros and cons, and it all depends on what your lawn care goals are.

Fast-Release nitrogen fertilizer will provide a quick response and is more affordable than other fertilizer choices. However, it may cause a large flush of growth, and if not applied evenly, you could see uneven growth. Some parts of the lawn may appear greener than others. It can also burn grass if you over-apply and then dissolve rapidly into the soil, so you may need to reapply it in a month.

Slow-release, also known as controlled-release, creates a more uniform growth, is less likely to burn the grass, and won’t dissolve quickly. These types tend to be more pricy and may not produce as fast of a result. Be sure to discuss your gardening goals with your lawn fertilizer company so you can achieve the yard of your dreams!

Phosphorous is needed for early root growth, seed formation, and helps grass reach maturity more quickly.

Potassium toughens up grass. Keeping a balanced potassium level in your lawn will help your grass regulate its processes, make it more tolerant to stress and drought, and, like phosphorous, potassium aids with root growth and stem development.

Weed Control

Part of a solid fertilization program requires weed control service. After all, you don’t want to fertilize weeds and have them grow. Therefore, lawn care companies will employ pre-emergent weed control products while they fertilize the lawn. Pre-emergent products, as the name suggests, targets weeds before they germinate. If you’ve ever heard the term “weed-and-feed,” it refers to products that will simultaneously nourish your lawn while controlling unwanted plant growth. These products are also “selective,” meaning they won’t harm the grass or flowerbeds. And if a few stragglers make it through unscathed, post-emergent products will make short work of them.

Insect Control

Weeds are the only things that destroy lawns. During the fertilization treatments, it’s advisable to apply grub control as well. “Grubs” is a generic term for the white larvae of Japanese beetles. The grubs feed on the roots of turfgrass until they reach adulthood and emerge from the soil. One or two grubs in your lawn is not a bad thing, but an overabundance can lead to thinning grass that pulls up easily. Other surface insects can be prevented as well! These include insects like: chinch bug on a leaf

Chinch Bugs – These pests feed on many common grass varieties such as Kentucky Bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescues. Being only about 1/6″ long, it’s hard to spot them until their damage is done.

Sod Webworms – Also called “lawn moths,” sod webworms create small brown spots in the turf that leave behind grazed grass. Another sign is the silk webbing they use to create burrows.

Billbugs – These tricksy bugs will actually play dead if you encounter them as adults. Grass damaged by these hungry critters can easily break at the crown.

Choose A Holistic Approach

Caring for your lawn is more than just fertilizer. By using pest control and weed control, you’ll tackle problems from all angles and increase the likelihood of your lawn thriving all season long.

Get High-Quality Lawn Fertilization Service From Unique Lawn Care

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