Top Three Ways to Boost Lawn Health in Autumn

Fall is here in some of our home cities like Dayton and Cincinnati. There are a lot of activities, holidays, and family time associated with the season. It easy to get caught up in the moment and assume that the work on your lawn is done for the year. However, here in Ohio, that’s not the case. Or, really anywhere you live.

Autumn is the time to pay special attention to your turf. You’ll want to do everything you can to support your lawn into surviving the winter, and to come back thriving in the spring and summer. Follow along to hear about some things you can do to make your lawn the healthiest it can be.

Keep Your Yard Clean and Free

In the mid-west and many other places, fall means that you need to clean up those beautiful leaves that have been falling from the trees around your home. While they may be fun to play in at look at, they actually cause quite a bit of damage to your turf. Excess leave will pile up, and they will block sunlight. When sunlight is blocked, it’ll cause more issues when rainfall comes. Moisture will sit there, on top of your turf, unable to dry properly, potentially causing diseases, fungus, or an overall level of poor health to your lawn.

You Can’t Stop Fertilizing! 

Fertilizing is extremely important at any time of the year, not just in the spring. If you’re not taking care of your lawn throughout the entire year, you can’t expect it to flourish in the spring. One round of spring fertilizer might help, but it’s much more effective to be there from the ground up. This is why Unique Lawn Care recommends that every client of ours applies a late-season fall fertilizer, to ensure that your turf has everything it needs. With a late-season fertilizer, the nutrients will seep into your lawn and allow it to stay fed adequately, even through the harsh winter.

Keep On Mowing

Mowing your turf isn’t a summer activity, you are actually supposed to be mowing it throughout the wet season as well. That’s because it doesn’t stop growing in the fall. It’s actually subject to more fungi during the time when debris and moisture are sitting on it for longer periods of time. When your turf is still growing past two and a half inches, you’ll want to ensure you are cutting it until it stops.

Is Your Turf in Need of a Serious Spruce? Give Unique Lawn Care a Call Today!

The team at Unique Lawn Care knows that each and every lawn is going to look a bit different than the next. We’re named Unique because we know individuality. We are trained and ready to take on the needs of every lawn that we service. With our expertise, your lawn care in the fall season will be well taken care of, and you won’t have to worry about it struggling to come back in the warm-season. By taking control of your lawn’s health in every season, you will be able to build yourself a better, greener, and healthier lawn.

Are you ready to begin taking control of your turf this fall? Go ahead and give us a call a 513-779-1111 for Cincinnati, 937-746-5000 for Dayton, 317-576-1800 for Indianapolis, and 502-637-5700 for Louisville. We can also be contacted here for online requests!

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