We believe that your lawn should be a source of pride for you. Your trees and shrubs are more than just lawn accents. These beautiful monuments add curbside appeal and add value to your home. They are an investment in your property and require proper care and maintenance to sustain their appeal. Unique Lawn Care knows and understands the different trees and shrubs in our locations. Combining this knowledge with our compassion and care, we have developed a program specifically designed to promote healthy growth and protect your trees and shrubs from a multitude of threats, including:

  • Pests
  • Disease
  • Heat and drought stress

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Our Tree and Shrub Care Program Schedule

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Early Spring With Dormant Oil
Horticulture oil is applied to control scale and the overwintering stage of many insects. The surfactant action of the oil provides an early start to effective insect control.

Root Zone Fertilization in the Spring
A balanced blend of fertilizers is injected into the root zone, giving your plants the much-needed wake-up from winter and a nutrient boost to enhance top growth and the overall health of the plant. This will provide the plant with enough nourishment to last throughout the entire growing season.

Insect and Disease Treatment in Late Spring
A spring application is given to plant foliage to control insects such as the Japanese beetle (adult grub), tent caterpillar, cankerworm, aphid, pine sawfly, leaf miner, leaf beetle, scale, mite, and sod webworm. It controls diseases such as anthracnose, rust, apple scab, leaf spot, and powdery mildew, to name a few.

Insect and Disease Treatment in Summer
The second application of insect and disease control is applied to continue fighting those problematic diseases while also combating any new insects and conditions that may become active when the weather changes.

Insect and Disease Control in Late Summer
We spray an application of insect and disease control to combat persistent diseases and late-season insects such as fall webworms, bagworms, and mites.

Fall-Root Zone Fertilization in the Fall
A balanced blend of fertilizers is injected into the root zone to encourage root growth, winter food storage, and healthier growth in the spring.

At Unique Lawn Care, we stand apart from the competition. Each of our trained technicians is prepared to diagnose and handle any problems that arise throughout the year. Expect us to have quality people and materials on your lawn every visit. Contact us now to learn more.

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