Unique Lawn Care’s Perimeter Pest Control

Are annoying pests invading your home? Protect your home with Unique Lawn Care’s Perimeter Pest Control. Our pest control is uniquely blended with only the highest quality ingredients. We will kill all bugs and any remaining larvae, providing you with the peace of mind your home is bug-free. Unique Lawn Care will provide your Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, or Louisville home with a comprehensive prevention plan guaranteed to keep insects out of your home.

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How Perimeter Pest Control Can Protect Your Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis and Louisville Lawn

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An insecticide perimeter spray serves as the first line of defense around your home, stopping pests before they enter. Our perimeter spray can be applied throughout the year and is applied directly to the outside of your home around all cracks, crevices and windows. Unique Lawn Care’s perimeter pest spray helps to prevent spiders and other insects such as ants, wasps, fleas, crickets, centipedes, box elder bugs, cockroaches, and more by creating a barrier between the outside and your home. The application will destroy any remaining larvae, preventing newly hatched insects from becoming pests in the future.

The treatment is performed on the outside of your home. Therefore, it is considered safe for family and pets. Our perimeter pest control treatments do not require anyone to be present during our applications. In addition to treating the perimeter of your home, our technicians also inspect and treat bushes, shrubs, flower beds, and gutters for mealybugs and mites. Having a professional lawn care company spray the outside of your house with a perimeter spray is the most effective way to keep spiders and other insects off your landscape and out of your home.

Protect Your Home Now With Unique Lawn Care’s Perimeter Pest Control

Pests are not only a nuisance, but they can also pose serious health risks. By eliminating them, you can help protect your family from the chances of getting bit, stung, and having unwanted allergic reactions. Our professional technicians are knowledgeable of the most up-to-date, high-quality products and are trained on how to use them. This helps to keep everyone on your property safe. If you are interested in keeping dreadful pests out of your home, contact the professionals at Unique Lawn Care.

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