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Has your lawn lost its luster? Is it looking drab and fatigued? Sometimes, routine lawn care isn’t enough. Heavy foot, paw, and tire traffic can quickly take a toll on any grass, resulting in heavy turf compaction and thatch build-up. Thatch is the build-up of dead grass blades and roots that form between the soil and the grass. Over time, compressed soil and thatch can suffocate your lawn at its roots, obstructing water and nutrients from getting to its core. Signs your grass suffers from compaction:

  • Compacted, hard soil
  • Puddling of water in low areas of your lawn
  • Thin, patchy areas of grass
  • Areas of bare dirt where nothing grows
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Tough soil
  • Excessive thatch
  • Spongy grass

Core Aeration Helps Redistribute Vital Lawn Nutrients

Unique Lawn Care’s professional lawn aeration can help reverse the damage caused by compacted soil and thatch build-up. Our core aeration process pulls soil plugs across the entire lawn and redistributes them throughout the yard allowing vital nutrients to reach below the surface to reinforce root strength. Having Unique Lawn Care aerate your grass will help it to regain its health, durability, and vibrancy while promoting new blades to grow. Benefits to having aeration performed on your lawn include:

  • Reduction in excess thatch, which allows your grass to gain access to water, air, and nutrients.
  • Reduced soil compaction as cores of compacted soil are pulled from the lawn. It allows your grassroots to spread out and grow deeper
  • An overall thicker, greener, and more lush lawn.

Unique Lawn Care’s aeration process will improve the overall look, feel, and appeal of your yard. We recommend aeration be performed in the fall. To learn more about our aeration process, contact us now.


new grass growing

Typically completed after aeration, seeding will help fill in brown patches, shaded areas, and thin spots on your lawn. Seeding is the process of laying nutrient-filled seeds over your grass. Unique Lawn Care provides efficient and effective seeding services that will produce thicker, denser grass. It will also help fight off lawn disease and excessive weeds. Unique Lawn Care’s seeding service will ensure your lawn remains healthy and sustainable throughout winter.

Unique Lawn Care Provides Superior Grub Control

grubs in soil being held by hand

Allow Unique Lawn Care to prevent your lawn from becoming damaged by pesky grubs. We offer a grub control treatment that will take the preventative measures necessary to ensure your yard remains green, healthy, and beautiful.

Why Are Grubs So Harmful?

a landscaped lawn with shrubs at sunset

Lawn grubs are one of the most damaging types of lawn insects. They live under your surface and are hard to spot. They lay their eggs in your lawn and bury them deep beneath the soil surface in the spring. When the eggs hatch, the grubs venture below the surface and devour your lawn’s roots. This causes soft spongy and wilting grass and unsightly brown patches. Grubs also attract small animals such as skunks, raccoons, and moles, which like to tear up your grass. You can tell if your lawn has grubs by looking out for the following signs:

  • Irregular, brown patches appearing in random spots on your lawn
  • Soft, spongy grass that pulls up easily
  • An increase in activity of raccoons, moles, and birds digging in your turf
  • Grub sightings

If you notice any of the above symptoms, give us a call, and we can come out for an inspection. Don’t let grubs cost you tons of money in damage, give Unique Lawn Care a call.

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