Prepare Your Turf for Fall with Aeration and Overseeding

With winter just around the corner, your turf likely needs a little boost to get through the harsh weather. During a normal summer, backyards get quite a bit of traffic. But with the pandemic lasting quite a bit longer than many of us expected, you and your family likely spent most of your time enjoying your yard. However, enjoying your yard can cause quite a bit of stress on it. While yards are meant to be used, they require extra care during a time when they are being overused. Some ways that you can help support your yard is to check for soil compaction, aerate, and overseed.

Checking for Soil Compaction

Soil can easily become compact when the turf is being used day after day. Whether you and your family are enjoying backyard barbeques or playing games with pets, your soil is taking a beating. The best way to check on your soil for compaction is the traditional screwdriver test. Take any old screwdriver and see how far you can stick it into your soil. If it doesn’t go more than an inch or so down, your soil is likely very compacted. When soil becomes compact, it no longer is receiving the moisture and nutrients that it needs.

Core Aeration

Once you have discovered that your soil is compacted, you can start to consider core aeration to fix the health of your lawn. Aeration is essentially the act of creating holes in your soil about three inches deep. This process happens all throughout your turf to create more airflow through the soil. hand holding seeds for overseedingGood airflow is important for your turf because it allows the soil to better receive water and nutrients from fertilization. When a yard has poor airflow, it is easily noticeable when it is being watered, because you’ll be able to see most of the water flowing onto the concrete rather than being soaked up. With aeration, it allows your lawn to get every ounce of hydration it needs.


Overseeding is an act that can be done either directly after aeration (recommended) or on its own (for healthy lawns). If your soil was compacted, it likely did damage to your lawn’s overall health and made it tough for it to grow. With aeration having created a better path for nutrients to be received, customers may want to think about overseeding. This will allow your turf to have an influx of nutrients available to it when it is at its healthiest. Overseeding will help create a fuller, thicker, and greener lawn overall.

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Here at Unique Lawn Care, all of our team members know that each turf will look a little different. We are trained and ready to take on the needs of every lawn that we service. With our expertise, your thatch build-up will be reduced and your lawn will receive more nutrients. This will create a better, thicker, and healthier lawn.

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