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Louisville is known for its bourbon, horse races, and music scene. It is also home to a bustling art scene, independent small businesses, and a museum dedicated to baseball.

Louisville loves its culture, and that includes hosting barbecues and fun gatherings in our backyards. Unique Lawn Care wants you to have a yard you can enjoy and share with family, friends, and neighbors. This is why we offer a variety of lawn care services to our Louisville area residents.

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Tree and Shrub Care for Your Louisville Home

a lawn with ornamental shrubs

At Unique Lawn Care, we understand that lawns are not just about maintaining the health of the grass. Lawns encompass much more, including valuable trees, shrubs, and gardens. We offer a systematic tree and shrub care approach designed to promote healthy growth and protect your trees and shrubs from a multitude of threats, including:

  • Pests
  • Disease
  • Heat and drought stress

Unique’s Tree and shrub care program includes horticultural oil, a balanced blend of fertilizers, and disease and insect control.  We know that trees and shrubs are a valuable investment and promise to promote their longevity and showcase their appeal.  Contact us now to learn more.

Don’t Allow Pests to Ruin Your Outdoor Fun, You Want Unique Lawn Care’s Perimeter Pest Control

Louisville residents know that our lawns are also full of pesky insects. When you have Unique Lawn Care in your corner, this doesn’t have to ruin your special events. We offer an efficient and effective perimeter pest control that serves as the first line of defense, stopping pests before they enter. It is applied directly to the outside of your home around all cracks, crevices, and windows and helps to prevent spiders and other insects such as ants, wasps, fleas, crickets, centipedes, box elder bugs, cockroaches, and more by creating a barrier between the outside and your home.

Mosquito Control

a young girl scratching from mosquito bites

What could be more annoying at a barbecue than mosquitoes? These blood-sucking creatures are antagonizing pests that ruin our backyard fun. With Unique Lawn Care, you no longer have to avoid going outside. Our mosquito control treatment will eliminate and prevent these party downers from becoming the most well-known guests in your yard. Contact Unique Lawn Care now and learn how our mosquito treatment can protect your outdoor fun.

Unique Lawn Care is a privately owned lawn care company providing exceptional lawn care services to homeowners in the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky areas. We are licensed in each of these states and provide professional and compassionate lawn care services that stand out above the rest.

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