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Unique Lawn Care is no stranger to Indianapolis. We are licensed through the state and have experience and knowledge with lawn care, their unrelenting diseases, the local weeds that plague our great city, and those nasty pests. We want your Indianapolis lawn to look its best throughout every season. Therefore, we offer a variety of lawn care services to sustain the health and strength of your lawn.

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Lawn Destroying Grubs

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One of the worst lawn destroying critters are those small white, C-Shaped worms that live below the surface of your yard, called grubs. Grubs are the larvae of June bugs and Japanese beetles. They lay their eggs deep inside the ground and feed on your lawn’s roots stealing the vital nutrients your roots need to thrive. Too many of them can turn a green yard into a natural wasteland.

Signs Your Indianapolis Lawn Has Grubs

A few grubs on your lawn is not a huge problem, but a huge infestation of these underground pests can lead to massive turf damage and costly renovations.
There are specific signs you can look for throughout your lawn. They include:

  • Irregular, brown patches appearing in random spots on your lawn
  • Soft, spongy grass that feels unusually soft
  • An increase in activity of raccoons, moles, and birds digging in your turf
  • Grub sightings

If you truly want to determine if your lawn has a grub problem, use a shovel to dig up a section where you suspect the grubs may be. Be sure to check a few different spots.

Call the Professionals at Unique Lawn Care

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Don’t allow grubs to cost you time and money. Call the professionals at Unique Lawn Care. We offer effective and thorough grub control that will not only eliminate these pesky worms but will have your yard looking fresh and new. After your lawn has been cleared of grubs, we recommend investing in our comprehensive lawn care program. Having a well-maintained lawn fertilize, with the right amount of nutrients applied at the appropriate times, will go a long way toward keeping your lawn pest-free. Our comprehensive lawn care program includes a well-blended granular or liquid fertilizer along with weed control to both control and prevent new weeds from growing. Contact Unique Lawn Care now and allow us to provide you with a green, healthy, vivacious lawn.

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