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At Unique Lawn Care, we are local and familiar with our Cincinnati climate. We understand the different types of lawns, diseases, and insects that can wreak havoc on your otherwise healthy lawn. That’s why we offer a variety of lawn care services to protect and maintain the health of your yard.

Thatch is the combination of living and dead plant matter that collects on the surface of your grass. While a simple layer of it is beneficial to the life of your lawn, having too much can cause root problems and attract destructive insects.

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Chinch Bugs

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Chinch bugs are small bugs that cause little brown and yellow patches to appear in your yard. They feed on your grass and disrupt the transport of water and nutrients up the stems. Chinch bugs are hard to spot because they are tiny, but their strong offensive smell can often identify them. Their damage occurs in dry, stressed grass during the hottest months of the summer. As they continue to feed on your lawn, the brown and yellow patches will grow bigger.

The best way to prevent an infestation of chinch bugs is to maintain your lawn and remove excess thatch properly. Unique Lawn Care can help through our six-step lawn care maintenance program and our aeration service. Aeration reduces thatch and will help to keep overbearing insects at bay.


Billbugs are problematic because both the adult and young larvae cause damage to your lawn. Adult billbugs chew holes in the grass blades and then insert their eggs into the feeding holes they created. Then, these larvae feed on the crown of the plants just below the surface and deplete all resources within. Signs of damage include discolored grass and brown patches, but it can be hard to identify because it often looks similar to drought damage or fungal disease. The best way to prevent billbugs from invading your lawn is through proper maintenance. Unique Lawn Care offers a lawn care program that will not only maintain your yard but improve its health and durability. Learn more about this comprehensive lawn care program.

Both chinch bugs and billbugs can be found living in excessive thatch. The loose layer of dead and living grass stems, roots, and other debris make the perfect environment for these insects to live and breed. Aside from properly maintaining a healthy lawn, the best way to prevent these pests from invading your yard is to control thatch.

Remove Excess Thatch With Unique Lawn Care's Aeration Process

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Unique Lawn Care’s professional lawn aeration service can help reverse the damage caused by compacted soil and thatch build-up. Too much thatch can impede water, nutrients, and oxygen from traveling to the roots of your lawn. Our core aeration process will reduce thatch and allow those vital nutrients to reach the depth of your roots once again. Not only will this process help to reduce the infestation of billbugs and chinch bugs, it will also improve the look and sustainability of your lawn. Learn more about our aeration process.

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