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The Dayton, Ohio area is home to over 15,000 acres of stunning forests, farmlands, and wetlands. Our picturesque scenery is second to none, and we are no strangers to beautiful landscapes. Here at Unique Lawn Care, we appreciate and respect nature and know that you do too. That’s why we want only the best for your lawns. We understand how important it is that your backyard is inviting with natural appeal. For these reasons, we offer a variety of lawn care services to help maintain the health of your Dayton lawns. One of those services is our six-step lawn care program. It is our most popular service and provides the maintenance needed to keep your grass healthy and looking fresh.

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Lawn Diseases Facing Dayton Ohio Residents

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Even with the best maintenance plan and care, your lawn can succumb to natural disease, insects, and nutrient stealers. Weather changes, excessive drought, heat, and too much rain can all limit your lawn’s ability to fight off infection. In Dayton, Ohio, we see our share of lawn problems. Three of the most common include:

Dollar Spot:
It is identifiable by brown spots and is usually two to six inches in diameter. It typically begins to grow and infect susceptible grasses in the spring when night temperatures exceed 50°F. Drought stress, low mowing, excessive thatch accumulation, frequent irrigation, and low air movement contribute to the success of this lawn nuisance. Utilizing a regular fertilization program and appropriate disposal of grass clippings can help prevent this disease.

a circle of lawn damage

Fairy Ring:
A fairy ring stands out as a large ring of either dead grass or mushrooms. An old wives tale states that mushrooms growing in a circle is a path made by fairies who dance inside the ring. In reality, mushrooms are a type of fungus, and these fungi start growing underground from a single spore. The spore grows a tangle of tube-like threads that grow out horizontally in all directions. You can help to prevent fairy rings through proper fertilization and aeration. Unique Lawn Care recommends utilizing our six-step lawn care program and aeration services to avoid this and many other fungal infections.

Brown Patch:
This type of disease typically occurs in the summer after bouts of hot and wet weather.
Symptoms of brown patch may vary greatly depending on the type of grass, but the disease usually causes thinned patches of light brown grass that are circular. To thwart this annoying disease, avoid overusing fertilizers high in nitrogen and water early in the day to allow grass time to dry off. Investing in a regular lawn maintenance plan such as our six-step program will ensure your lawn is properly fertilized with the appropriate amounts at the precise times.

Call in the Professionals at Unique Lawn Care for All Your Yard’s Needs

The professionals at Unique Lawn Care are equipped and trained to help prevent these sorts of diseases. Our lawn care program provides nourishment for your lawn through the right blend of granular and liquid fertilizer. We know when to fertilize and how often. We will also provide you with lawn care tips such as when and how often you should water your lawn, hints on mowing, and much more. We love your yard as much as you do and are looking forward to designing you a unique landscape.

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