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Unique Lawn Care
We can’t do it alone — but with your help WE can do it together!

Unique Lawn Care visits each property 6 times, applying 6 fertilizer/weed control treatments and 1 grub control treatment. In order to get your lawn off to a great start and eliminate the broadleaf weeds, your first two treatments in the spring season are closer together. If needed, we perform free service call visits between treatments for any necessary spot treatments.

Your job...

Mowing & Watering

We will leave specific watering and mowing directions each time we visit your property

Be our eyes

Since we are only on your lawn once every 5 –7 weeks we ask that you call us any time you notice a potential problem (i.e. weeds, brown spots, etc.). Most lawn problems are easily corrected when diagnosed at an early stage of development.

Take our advice

From time to time all lawns will need special attention (i.e. seeding, fungicide treatments, etc.) if your lawn needs extra special care we will let you know with a note at the time of treatment.

Refer us

...to friends, family members and co-workers- We are extremely confident in the quality and value of our services and would welcome the opportunity to make a similar offer to any referrals we receive from you.

Unique Lawn Care

Quality products

We only use top of the line slow release liquid or granular fertilizers and liquid broadleaf weed controls.

Trained & Certified Professional Lawn Technicians

This is where we stand apart from our competition. Each of our staff is prepared to diagnose and handle any and all problems that may arise during the course of the year. Expect us to have quality people and materials on your lawn each and every visit.

A Beautiful Green Weed-Free Lawn

We will treat your lawn as if it were our own and we will leave recommendations as needed throughout the year.

Free Service Calls

If you have weeds pop up between treatments or have any concerns about your lawn all you need to do is give us a call and we will be out to take care of the problem within 2-3 days.

"I have had my neighbors say 'this is the best your yard has ever looked' and 'your lawn looks better than mine' and its only been a year of service from Unique Lawn Care. The plain fact is this is the best our lawn has ever looked. Thank you!"
- OW